Design the whole product

We create all things necessary
for the success in the Web business.

Web Application Service

ECBB Online Shop

The online shop construction package optimizes in the enterprise way business model is merit.

ECBB Affiliate [Resistance]

The problematical point of ASP service was solved the "Respective company management type".


The CMS tool which can construct & can manage. Also it is possible to manage with the group of users.

ECBB Blog, Blog Portal System

The blog, blog portal construction system optimizes in the enterprise way business model is merit. It is possible to use this for developing simple blog and blog portal web service on a large scale both.


Google, YAHOO!, and MSN Correspondence SEO measure / access UP.

ECBB Mail Distribution ASP

It is the bulk mail transmission ASP which transmits the mail the classified by attribute of the customer. Effective mail marketing is actualized low at price.

Also we are a leading online marketing specialist with more than 500 companies based in Japan.
Our last annual sales was about 6 million US dollars.
We specialize in search engine optimization, search engine marketing and affiliate marketing solutions.

Global Internet Service

We are doing some Internet business abroad currently.

Such as,

"" Massages in Bangkok etc.

'' is the largest massage search site in Thailand. We have advertising sales for spa and massage shops in Bangkok, Thailand, and presently we carry over 500 stores information. ECBB is charge of the design production, CMS, SEO while a Thailand company, BangkokStation Network Company Limited is in charge of advertisement sales. This site is built and administered on a profit share model basis.

We provide support for foreign companies that intend to do business in Japan or Japanese companies that intend to use the internet for business in a foreign country.
Interested companies or individuals can please contact us any time.

Going Global, Internet Love.

Everything must go.

ECBB is ECBB always has to be New Internet Business.
Company Outline

ECBB co.,Ltd.

Head Office : Shibuya, Tokyo.
Address : AY building 2F 4-12-2
Sendagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo JAPAN 151-0051
tel. 03. 5369. 8677
fax. 03. 5369. 8678

Establishment : 1999/3/26
Capital : 10 million yen
Fiscal Term : October
Shareholder : M&D Inc.

Representative Executive Chairman : Nobuhiko Matsuura
Representative Executive President : Yasuhiro Matsuura
Executive General Director : Tetsushi Horikawa
Executive Director : Yuji Takahashi
Chief Operating Officer : Kazuma Iida

ECBB Bangladesh Ltd. :
House no-8 Road-3 Sector-6,3rd floor,
Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230,Bangladesh

ECBB vision :
School and Home for the rest of children.
Especially for the street children without a parent.
2007.06.01, Coming soon. Under Construction currently.
Position Available

We're growing rapidly, on track to reaching an international scale.

We are investing in developing nations, and seeking markets in global centres.

To do this, we need...
  • System Engineers
  • Programmers
  • Network Admin
  • Project Managers
  • IT Sales
  • PR / Marketing
  • Merchandising

We're creating new applications for the Web 2.0 world, with multimedia, community and commerce being key points.

At ECBB, we have the intention to utilise the leverage our geographic location provides, looking to tap local talent along with sourcing skilled labour from South East and Central Asia. We are currently developing relations with an IT group in Bangladesh, and considering similar in Thailand and Malaysia. Our goal is to develop products of a world standard for meeting a global market.

We are in need of people with a broad skills set in order to make this a reality. We are searching for people with a drive to create, and value passion over experience in order to develop new ideas. We are currently developing under a LAMP environment.

If you would like to find out more, about our vision, our work, and the oppourtunities available, step forward and make contact. If you would like to apply for a job, please, send a resume, a short paragraph or two about yourself and other supporting material (references, urls to prior work, CD's, example source code, whatever) to or to our mail address.

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